Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shut Up, Wesley!

So, having made scarves for the three colors of TNG Starfleet uniforms, there was one very important uniform that I had left out.  Today, I rectify that omission.  I proudly present the Acting-Ensign Crusher uniform scarf.

While certainly not the...prettiest...of color schemes, I rather enjoyed the straightforward simplicity of this design.  Literally just straight rows of knitting.  No mid-row color changes.  No post-knitting embroidery to neaten up the diagonals.  And fewer ends to weave in, which is always a plus.

I felt I had to include this design with my other Trekkie scarves, because Wesley's uniform has become somewhat iconic amongst fans, despite being rather hideous.  Keeping in mind that this was a sci-fi show from the '90s, and there were quite a few fashion atrocities throughout, it does seem that poor Wesley bears the brunt of them.  I kind of wonder if Wil Wheaton did something at one point to piss off the costume designer...

Poor kid...

Anyways, my TNG scarf collection is now complete.  And since my little Pup seemed so determined to try it on (while it was still on the needles -- I had to untangle her several times), I made her a mini-sized one of her very own.  Daddy couldn't be happier.