Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zig-Zag Scarf!

This is one of those pieces that just kind of came together without any sort of conscious thought.  I was headed to my sister's place for the weekend, and wanted a project I could work on in transit.  Everything I had on the go was too cumbersome to transport easily, so I grabbed a set of needles and the first ball of yarn that came to hand from my stash drawer, packed up the baby and the husband, and set out.

The ball I pulled was a pretty, marled (hah, I just learned that word -- it means when a yarn has two different colors twisted together!) self-striping wool, and the colors remind me of sherbet.

Nob Hill Naturescapes in Spring Spray
I started and re-started a couple dozen times on the bus ride over, not sure exactly what I was trying to do, but just knowing that I wasn't doing it.  Finally, I got something going that I was happy with, and it just took off from there, forming itself into what it wanted to be.  Turns out, it's another scarf.  But a really pretty one!

This one was pretty simple, so it worked up fairly quickly -- just plain garter stitch with an increase at the beginning of the row and a decrease at the end for the zig, then switching them around for the zag.  Since the wool is so fine, it's more of a fashion scarf than a winter face-warmer, and the zig-zagging pattern gives it an interesting drape.  As I told my husband, it's "wonky".
Knitting this really made me crave sherbet
Back at home, I was slightly sleep-deprived over the next few days as I continued working on my wonky masterpiece -- which anyone who knows me will tell you generally leads to statements of random silliness.  The shape of the scarf reminded me of a lightning-bolt, which made me think of Thor, who really has no business with such fruity oranges, pinks, and purples.  And yet, in a half-lucid state, I announced to Kishi that I have titled this piece "Thor in Springtime".

Because it made sense to me at the time.
All ready for temperatures that require sleeves!

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  1. Wow. I can't believe you did that without a pattern. Very pretty!