Friday, April 8, 2016

Trekkie Scarves!

My dear husband Kishi is a total Trekkie.  I still love him, though; no-one's perfect.  Our entire relationship has pretty much been a battle between the Force and the Federation, and while I do love the cheesiness of the original 60's era Captain Kirk Trek, I'd still take the Millennium Falcon over the Enterprise any day.  (I also proudly wear my Boba Fett shirt -- and helmet -- to Star Trek night with our friends, but that's mostly just to annoy them)

While I'm not an uber-fan myself, I have learned to take inspiration where I can find it, and Star Trek has certainly given me a few ideas.  (The Bajorans on Deep Space 9 have some gorgeous knitted clothing, which I really want to pattern up...)  Kishi is a real Next Generation fan, and the geometric pattern of their uniforms translates well into various knitted forms.

These scarves are recognizably Trekkie, but not "OMG, you're a nerd!" Trekkie.  I actually rather like them.  Of course, they come in command red, engineering and security gold, and science and medical blue.  (I think I got those designations right...)  Personally, I think I'll be keeping a blue one for myself.  As Spock would say, "It's only logical."
It took me a little longer than usual to get these finished, as I had to contend with what is probably a sprained thumb.  (I fell off the lie)
Live long, prosper, and stay warm.
In the end, I did three versions: a color-block (with and without the stripe) and a solid.  Which do you prefer?

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