Tuesday, July 28, 2015


There is nothing worse than wanting something so simple, and not being able to find it.  Like stitch markers, which I need for a new shawl pattern I'd like to try.  Any that I've been able to find, both in my travels or online, have been either not my style or out of my price range.  Then I came across a set of adorable beaded markers that struck me...and I realized I had the exact same beads sitting in one of my craft drawers, with my jewelry-making gear.  Time to make jewelry for my knitting!
I've had these kicking around for a while
As I'm itching to get started on my new shawl, I decided to just whip up something simple.  Some fishing line, a couple of beads, and about ten minutes later, ta da!  Instant stitch markers.
Perfectly pretty purple pearls in progress
They were so quick and easy, I just had to make another set.  Also, this is probably prudent, given the number of on-the-go projects I have, multiplied by the number of yarns calling to me to make them into something pretty...carry the one...
Making pretty things is addictive!
I honestly had to stop myself before I went through my whole collection of beads.  The colored-glass markers I made to fit up to a size US11 needles, since I most often work with 9 or 10.  The purple pearls are a bit bigger, up to US15, since I've got something special in mind for them.  I made a set of 8 for each of them, which should be enough for most patterns I've come across.  I do plan on making a set for smaller needles, but I'll work on that later.  I'm almost out of the metal clamp beads, and what I have will do me just fine for now.
Gotta love DIY!
This was super quick and super easy, and definitely cost me a lot less than I would have paid for basically the same item in-store.  Alright, now that I've got the markers ready, onwards to tackle that shawl!  I'll let you know soon how it goes.

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