Friday, July 10, 2015

New Delivery!

So, as those of you who have read about me will know, I recently had a baby, girl number two for me. Relax, that's not the delivery I'm talking about here, although she is freakin' adorable.  Look.  Bask in her cuteness, you have no choice.
Anyways, being now a stay-at-home mom with an infant, getting out has become a bit more difficult. Basically, I've pretty much become a hermit.  Thank goodness I recently discovered a magical device that allows me to buy things without ever having to leave my lair home -- the internet!

So, after two weeks of eager anticipation, my first package arrived.  Behold its glory!
So soft and squishy, I just want to rip it open and feast on its innards -- or at least make them into something interesting.  Let's see what it looks like on the inside...
...oh yeah, that's the good stuff!  Twelve balls of Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sparkle!  (Try saying that five times fast...)  A gorgeous mesh yarn that will work up something fancy; not quite sure what yet.  Also, I'll have to figure out just how to knit with it...thankfully, it comes with instructions and a free pattern on the inside of the label.  Too bad the pattern is for a scarf -- I think we've established that the last thing I need is more scarves!  I'll have to get creative with this one.  Got some great colors, though.
Aaaaand, a couple of days later, I get another surprise: my second order -- which had been unable to ship because they were out of stock -- suddenly appeared at my door!  In the hands of my mail-man, of sorcery or black arts involved.  I guess they re-stocked just in time to get my order out.  A wonderful selection of colors and weights, it's definitely a great stash-builder.
Well, now that I've got the supplies, I suppose it's time to start putting those needles to work!  After all, that's why you're here, right?  Now to scour my folder of patterns, to find some inspiration!

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